Welcome to TROVA!

Lets get you acquainted with your device.

Now lets get you connected.


Download the APP at the AppStore or Google Play. CLICK HERE for more info.

Log in to the app using the same email/password you created at purchase. If you do not have the email/password you used at purchase, create a new one now.


To turn on your TROVA, press the multi-function button located on the side of your TROVA.


Next, follow directions on the app, making sure BlueTooth is on in your phones settings. A white LED light will pulse while your TROVA is pairing.

Once connected, the light will glow solid white for five seconds.


Now lets authenticate your TROVA. Enter your PIN or use your phone’s Biometric (face ID or fingerprint) authentication to complete the process.

Success! You are now paired, authenticated and ready to unlock your TROVA.

Please follow the app Quick Start Guide tutorial for further guidance on lock/unlock feature, battery life and other settings.

Or CLICK HERE to visit our FAQs section for frequently asked questions.


Tap the multi-function button for a quick read on your battery level.

Press and hold for 5 seconds to turn on/off your device.

LED indicator breakdown:
-Red = charge your TROVA
-Orange = low battery
-Green = ample to full battery
-White/orange alternating = forced disconnection/authentication error

For further assistance click the Contact icon at the top of this page. >>BACK TO TOP

Enjoy the luxury of privacy.


Check back soon to register your new Trova.



Please feel free to email us with any questions, concerns or comments.
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