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Trova GO (Charcoal)



TROVA Go is a discreet physical storage device that prevents inappropriate audiences from accessing personal, recreational or otherwise private objects.  

TROVA GO is our most adaptable, on-the-go device. Perfect for pockets, handbags or athletic gear, this small but essential accessory stores a few key items that require discretion (or just protection.) This is worry-free mobility.

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TROVA features:

  • Wirelessly connected via Bluetooth technology and accessible through biometric scanning.
  • Designed for multi-function use, the internal strap is sized to hold credit cards, cash, vape pen, and more.
  • Sealed to conceal odor and made in aluminum alloy.
  • Upper lid strap is designed to conveniently hold rings via a magnetic closure.
  • Designed to easily fit in a jacket pocket, back pocket or be carried in hand with your phone.
  • Crafted leather sleeve sold separately to protect the Alu from scratching.
  • Exterior Dimensions 6” (154mm) X 2.9" (74mm) X 1” (25mm)
  • Interior dimension 5.2" (132mm) X 2.2" (55.5mm)  X .75" (19mm)